Town Parks Department and MTPA

The Town of Nederland has created a Parks department and has hired Nicki Dunn to be the head.  MTPA and RINK have agreed with the Town to have the Parks department manage the Court and Ice Park (and all other parks) starting last January.  

We are mentoring the parks personnel on transitioning the park to the summer configuration and the management of it.  They will still require some volunteer help for that task which is being planned for the next couple weeks or so depending on the weather.  They are also training the employees on resurfacing the courts which we hope will happen this summer as the middle and west courts are in dire need of that.

MPTA will continue to manage the passes for both the courts and the Community Center through the end of the year so that the town can properly budget for the finances, including passes, for 2023.  That means that all passes should only be renewed through December 2022.  We have removed the annual pass option so only purchase enough months through the end of the year.

Starting in 2023, the parks department will take over managing the passes and maintenance for both the courts and the Community Center and MTPA will effectively transition to an advocate organization that fundraises for racquet sports and ensures they are properly supported by the town.  The town is currently looking into a GOCO grant for the park where two dedicated, year-around courts (yay!) will be built on the northwest corner of the park and the current courts/ice rink will permanently become an ice rink.  GOCO grants require in-kind and matching donations and that will be a major part of the fundraising effort by MTPA and RINK.  This is a multi-year process involving a lot of stakeholders so this is a few years out.