Crowded Court Player Rotation

We've been blessed the last couple months with lots of players so it's time to institute a crowded court player rotation system to keep bench time to a minimum and is consistent among the sessions.  This is based on customs observed at other courts or published on the interwebs.  

When there 10 or fewer players continue current player rotation systems.

MTPA Provides Pickleball Sessions and Saves Players Money

New (and occasionally old) Pickleball players often wonder why they have to pay MTPA to play at the Nederland Community Center.  The literal bottom line is because MTPA negotiates a lower cost to play at the NCC.  Since Ken Adler brought the game to Nederland and, with the help of Charles Wood and others, painted the lines on the court and bought the nets and other equipment, a goal has been to keep the game affordable.  When Pickleball joined forces with the Nederland Tennis Association a few years ago that goal became formalized when MTPA signed the first rental agreement.

Yes, we want you! Pickle ball snow ball.

Utter disbelief at how fun that was!

Nederland pickleball wants to grow! This is a fun game for ALL ages. If you have any tennis experience, you will be a natural (just shorten that swing!). But it is an easy game to learn for anyone. Currently we are playing M. W. and Sat. days and W. eve's. There are a few extra racquets, so all you need to do is show up and we'll teach you the game. 


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